Sexy Christmas Gifts

Holiday periods can be pretty wholesome, and this is certainly true about Christmas – Santa Claus, cookies, and wrapping papers, not to mentiontraveling to spend time with family and friends. However, there is no reason whycouples can’t take advantage of the occasion to spice things up with their lover. While sexy Christmas gifts may not seem too appropriate for new couples, couples who have established trust, communication, and comfort around sex can benefit hugely from sensual stocking stuffers. You can gift him or her with the following delights – someare specifically designed for the other’s pleasure, and some for partners to share in.

Glass Dildos

Vibrator:There areinfinitevariations on the vibrator market. If a partner is new to this enticing toy, the best approach would be to start small with a little “egg” or any design that fits on the finger. Depending on what your partner wants, if sheprefers a dildo and vibrator combo, this should be taken into account. There are vibrators that “warm up” while others are designed to be operated by remote control, so the partner can be astonished when the other kicks it into “gear” from across the room. While most couples for masturbation commonly use adult toys, others enjoy a greater pleasure sharing their sex toys with their partner irrespective of whether they are Vibrating masturbators or male, heterosexual or homosexual and any other sexuality you can think of. Usually, these couples are happy trying experimenting new things together with open-mindedness and trust. Get creative; explore the many options available and think of what your partner might enjoy most. You could try any of these from the vast collection of amazing vibrators at

Sexy Games: There are numeroussexy games for playful couples to indulge in, and at the same make great gifts. Such games includesecret-sharing and dare to perform sexual acts and dirty card games in a similar vein.

Bondage Kit:as most couples are willing to explore bondage; some discuss it but never seem to get around to do it.Ifspouses have talked about this but dropped the ball on it, then holiday time might be the right opportunity to pick it up again. You could go for luxurious blindfolds, fancy cuffs or other similar restraints and soft feather duster. Couples that are previously engaged in basic bondage can take it to a new level;perhaps this is the time the couples could try more limitingrestraint and whips. Lovers who are just practicing bondage for the first time are advised tostart small and play slow because the couples will be feeling out their comfort levels. It’s also important for partners tohave a lot of commitment,trust, and respect in the relationship to in ordernot to cross any boundaryand ensure that communication is constant.

Lingerie Gift Certificate: Buying lingerie for a lover works out perfectly for some men. On the other hand, however, it can be a bad experience. What happens if it doesn’t fit? What if his partner is turned off, or feels offended, by his choice? For these and many more reasons, some men might prefer to slide a gift certificate to a quality lingerie store into his lover’s stocking. He can just visit an online store like to get his partner and himself a sexy Christmas gifts- a new one for every day of Christmas!